Respect the environment, protect the environment

With the growing scale of the enterprise and the scientific and comprehensive management, Xindo Group has changed the traditional coal-fired production and processing and adopted green, safe and reliable natural gas as an alternative. While optimizing the structure and improving the efficiency, it greatly reduces carbon dioxide and dust emissions and improves environmental problems.

People-oriented, caring for employees

Simto always adheres to the concept of people-oriented, considers the physical and mental health of employees as a valuable asset for the harmonious development of the enterprise, always pays attention to the physical and mental health of employees, and regularly conducts comprehensive health checkups for employees to make them feel the warmth of the Simto family, which strongly promotes the harmonious development of employees and the enterprise. In addition, in order to enrich the cultural life of employees and enhance the communication between them, the company organizes various cultural and recreational activities, excursions and dinners from time to time to relieve the pressure of work and at the same time, cultivate the sense of collaboration among employees and enhance the collective cohesion and team spirit.

Giving back to the society with love and devotion

Being grateful and giving back to the society is a valuable quality of an enterprise. While growing bigger and stronger, Xindo Group always keeps returning to the society and actively supports and participates in social welfare undertakings. We pay attention to the disadvantaged groups and selflessly give financial support, and have donated more than ten million dollars to disaster-stricken areas, poor school children, charitable organizations, welfare undertakings and new rural construction. The company is known as a "generous and selfless" caring enterprise.