Quality concept: Simto, strict and demanding, focus on door making!

Simto Group Co.,Ltd. adheres to the artisan spirit of excellence formed in the past 25 years, focuses on door making with one heart and mind, fully adopts 6S lean management system, establishes the whole production process control system, realizes all-round quality management and monitoring, and strictly implements ISO9001 international quality certification and ISO14001 international environmental management system dual certification. We make every product unique and more suitable for human nature to create a safer, more comfortable and healthier high-quality lifestyle for every family.

In terms of product materials, Xindo Group always insists on healthy, environmentally friendly and durable decoration materials as the only choice, in the spirit of the enterprise spirit of "doing it for you", carefully selected, strict control, focus on every detail, forging the "ultimate user experience". From product development, raw material selection, manufacturing technology, to each customer's home, in every aspect of the pursuit of the original state of the concept of environmental protection. Behind every excellence, it all comes from our love and dream for home, because we always believe that home is the work of a lifetime. Rigorous product quality to harsh, attentive, we will quality commitment to the end!

Action concept: Simto, more than innovation, create more for you!

"Innovation is more than" expresses that Simto Group always insists on improving the quality of products and services through technological innovation and contributes to human beings, improving the quality of human life and promoting a safer, more comfortable and better human life.

"Creating more" is not only an excellent working method, but also an excellent belief in life, expressing the belief that "creating more value for customers, more opportunities for employees, more profits for shareholders, and more wealth for society". We will strive to create a safe and happy living space and realize our great ideal.