Starting from the beginning, it is synchronized with the world. In order to ensure the high quality of products, Simto Group Co., Ltd. successfully introduced the U.S. imported Nordson automatic unattended dust-free painting production line in 2011; in June 2015, a huge investment was made to introduce lines of UV vacuum spraying production line and other high-quality production equipment. At the same time the comprehensive introduction of high-quality sheet metal punching and folding system, 2500-ton die-casting system, high-precision automatic uncoiling and leveling shearing system, automatic roller press system, CNC simulation transfer system, from universal skin cladding machine, six-axis four-sided creation to CNC machining center, hydraulic-type cold press, dust-free baking paint room and other high-performance production equipment ...... We really realize end-to-end refinement of manufacturing each product and establish a standard system synchronized with the world.