Simto Group Co.,Ltd. focuses on the door industry and is proficient in doorway, with an industry-leading technology research and development center and a strong team of research talents, advanced production equipment and excellent door-making technology, has been at the forefront of its peers for 25 years. Since its establishment, Simto Group has always insisted on independent research and development to create quality with technology. 25 years of continuous technical research and development and innovation, Simto Group has many patented technologies and inventions, making innovation and research and development ability the core competitiveness of Simto. 2015 Simto Group won the Yongkang Government Quality Award; 2016 Simto Group and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Hefei Technology Innovation Engineering Institute jointly set up the establishment of In 2016, Simto Group and Hefei Technology Innovation Engineering Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly established "Joint R&D Center", leading Simto to achieve the grand leap from "Made in China" to "Created in China"!

Synchronize with the world fashion and interpret the life of human living. Simto Group insists on promoting innovation with technology, creating art with technology, introducing the world's top production equipment, strictly implementing international production management and quality control, and being a modern home security brand with exquisite technology, fine management, lean production and quality!