PORIYA, the high-end entry door custom brand of Simto Group, with the increasing demand for whole-house customization and integrated integration, Simto Group, after more than 20 years of craft refinement and experience, is now committed to providing families pursuing a high quality of life with personalized custom class integrated entry door solutions, in 2019, under the leadership of the third generation of the Group, the creation of Simto high-end product series PORIYA.

"PORIYA elaborate research and design of each product, not only contains the determination and enthusiasm of the people of Simto to create high-end custom products, but also contains the pursuit of craftsmanship of Simto people. poriya with the current national trend of originality, to create a new national high-end custom trend of entry doors, committed to do The "new national style" in the "national tide products".

PORIYA - with the national air and breeze spectrum "Rui Ming Ya Yin", with extraordinary quality to create a door in the nobility

Excellence in door making concept


PORIYA is a long-established independent door manufacturer in Zhejiang province, and our independent status allows us to control our own destiny, always with an eye on our long-term goals. The company has complete freedom of creativity, which helps us to develop and manufacture our own door accessories according to our own quality standards, while ensuring that the armored doors we manufacture reflect our spirit of excellence in every aspect. Independence and autonomy are at the heart of the PORIYA spirit, ensuring that our products are traditional, reliable and trustworthy.

Creative Thinking

PORIYA leads technical and design innovation with perfect craftsmanship and creative thinking, so that each piece of art is a record of the ingenuity of master designers and craftsmen, creating a world-class home customization service for you to enjoy an exclusive and privileged life.

Artistic Connotation

The philosophy of life behind PORIYA is in line with the modern mindset of pursuing both practicality and aesthetics. PORIYA makes life full of artistic connotation, touches life with art, and makes the door become the best art that can be collected.

Excellent craftsmanship

PORIYA uses gorgeous and chic design coupled with exquisite and excellent craftsmanship to make people's hearts flutter. Each element comes from the designer's elaborate carving, engraving, atmospheric temperament, always give a moving shock, always bring people an unexpected surprise, so that each door has a unique temperament of its own.